Manchester by the Sea (2016)

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Gen: Dramă

Nota: ★★★★★★★★★★ 

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  1. Kul says:

    – I don’t have anything big to say.
    – That’s okay.
    – I just… I know you’ve been around, and I… I’ve just been getting Patrick settled in. It seems like he’s doing pretty good? Considering.
    – I think he is, yeah.
    – I guess you don’t know this, but I… I really kept in touch with Joe.
    – No, I knew that.
    – It’s been kind of weird for me not seeing Patrick.
    – Okay. I… I didn’t know. You could see him if you want.
    – Could we ever have lunch?
    – You mean us, you and me?
    – Yeah.
    – Because I… I said a lot of terrible things to you.
    – No.
    – But I… I know you never… Maybe you don’t want to talk to me.
    – It’s not that.
    – Let me finish. However… My heart was broken. It’s always going to be broken. And I know yours is broken, too. But I don’t have to carry… I said things that… I should fucking burn in hell for what I said to you.
    – No. No.
    – It was…
    – No, no, no, no. Randi, no.
    – I’m just sorry.
    – It… I… I can’t ex… I can’t…
    – I love you. [Pause.] Maybe I shouldn’t say that.
    – No, you can say that.
    – It’s just…
    – I’m sorry. I’ve got to go.
    – We couldn’t have lunch?
    – I’m really sorry. I don’t think so. I thank you for saying everything you said.
    – You can’t just die.
    – I’m not. I’m not. I’m not.
    – But, honey… honey… And I… I want you to be happy. Honey, I see you walking around here, and I just want to tell you…
    – I would want to talk to you, Randi,
    – But, Lee…
    – Please, I… I… I… Because… I…
    – Lee…
    – I’m… I’m trying to… Lee, you’ve got to… I don’t know what… Look, this is not… I don’t want to torture you.
    – You’re not torturing me.
    – I just want to tell you that I was wrong.
    – No. No. You don’t understand. [Pause.] There’s nothing… There’s nothing there. There’s nothing there.
    – That’s not true. That’s not true.
    – Let me say this. You don’t understand.
    – I understand you.
    – I don’t know what to… I know you understand me. I… I… I’ve got to go.
    – Don’t.
    – I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

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